About Modulo
What are Modulo® products?
Modulo are the registered trademarks of our extensive line of manufactured stone veneer products. It is also the company name for the world's leading producer of manufactured stone.
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What kind of surface is necessary in order to use Modulo products?
Modulo products may be applied over any properly prepared, clean, untreated, structurally sound wall surfaces such as wood, wall board, masonry, or metal. See the Modulo Installation Instructions for details.
How are the Modulo products adhered to wall surfaces?
Modulo products are installed using Modulo Colle and Modulo Colle Extra over a properly prepared substrate. See Modulo Installation Instructions or website for complete details.
Can Modulo products be applied over other surfaces, such as brick or other materials?
Yes. Details on application and substrates are given in the Modulo Installation Instructions and on our website.
Can Modulo products be used on the wall behind a freestanding stove?
The Exterior/Interior Modulo product range can be installed behind a freestanding stove if there is a minimum distance of 60 cm. Always refer to the fireplace or stove manufacturer’s installation instructions and local building codes.
Can Modulo products be cut?
Yes. Modulo products are easily cut and trimmed using a hatchet or wide-mouth nippers, or with a masonry blade used with a circular or masonry saw.
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Can the Modulo products be used on both exterior and interior applications?
The Exterior and Interior Modulo product ranges are suitable for both, and allow you to bring the outdoors inside, emphasizing design and continuity in colour and texture. The Interior Modulo product range is suitable only for Interior installation.
Will Modulo products stain if my stove smokes?
Possibly, just as natural stone or brick will. Sealing the Modulo products facing of a fireplace installation will assist in the removal of smoke stains should they occur.
Can Modulo products be used on walkways or patios?
No. Modulo wall products are not suitable for foot traffic. However, our floor range pavers may be used for walkways and patios for pedestrian traffic only.
Can Modulo products be used on wall areas adjacent to swimming pools?
The Modulo Exterior product range will perform from a durability standpoint in the same manner as any quality lightweight concrete material. However, it should be noted that as with any concrete or natural material, continued exposure to chlorine and...
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Modulo Product Characteristics
Is this real stone?
Modulo products are manufactured stones with the additional advantages of lightweight and ease of installation.
What are Modulo products made of?
Modulo products are cast in moulds taken from carefully-selected natural stone, using a process that faithfully captures even the faintest detail. Each colour and texture uses its own blend of cement, lightweight natural aggregates and iron oxide pigments...
How do Modulo products compare in cost with natural stone?
Modulo products installed cost is usually much lower than the installed cost of natural stone. Modulo products require no additional footings, foundations or wall ties, and installation time will be considerably less than when using natural stone or ...
How are Modulo products sold?
Flat pieces are sold by square meter. Corner pieces by linear meter and accessories are sold by piece.
How are Modulo products packaged?
Flat Modulo products are available in various package types: for example, flat stones come in carton boxes on a pallet and the area covered is stated on the website. Other packaging varies for corners, specific textures and accessories.
How heavy are Modulo products?
The weight of Modulo products varies greatly by product and is approximately 14 to 37 kg per square meter.
Will Modulo products fade?
Colours become an integral part of the Modulo products during the casting process. Existing applications show no undesirable change in colour after years of weathering in various climatic exposures.
Does the colour go all the way through?
Base colour is blended throughout the entire product. Colour overtones are applied and integrated into the product during the casting process.
Will the same stone appear repeatedly in a typical application?
Modulo products are cast from many individual moulds, essentially eliminating repetition. In addition, to further eliminate the possibility of repetition, we use manual colouring, thus further reducing the risk for same stones with the exact same colouring...
How long will Modulo products last and are they warranted?
As Modulo products are made of composite materials and will last at least a decade. Modulo products carry a 2-year limited warranty.
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