Building Flamme

Exterior Interior Fireplace OK Frost resistant With grout

Coverage per box :0.73m2

Availability :14-19 days delivery

Building Flamme is a chiselled robust castle stone with earthly colour nuances that will give any exterior wall a grand stature.
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Surface (m2)

£36.54 /m²

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The surface has a jagged, rugged texture. It is a popular stone to cover an entire exterior façade or as a pillar accent. The Building Flamme stones have darker colour accents as if the stones had been slightly flamed.

Building Flamme is a great choice to enhance any garden wall or to give a timeless robustness to a façade. The installation of Building Flamme is simple and quick. On the exterior, the stones are simply glued directly to a cement block wall using the recommended exterior adhesive. Building Flamme can also be installed on the interior to give a solid feel to a wall.

The chiselled surface is greatly enhanced with accent lighting. On the interior, the Building Flamme stones are directly glued onto drywall using the recommended interior adhesive. The Building Flamme stones are exceptionally easy to align as they are very geometric.

Building Flamme will require grout to finish the installation. For pillars and wall corners, Building Flamme cornerstones are available. You will find in the stone box and online on our website all the necessary support, instructions and videos to guide you through the installation and achieve a professional result at a fraction of the cost of a traditional stone wall. For an interior installation especially, it is always best to protect your stones using the recommended protection spray. This will ensure the lasting beauty of your stone wall.

Product details

 PackagingDimensionsThicknessPieces per boxFire resistance standard (NF EN 13501-1)M ClassificationEAN Code
Flat productcoverage per box: 0.73 m 2, weight: 18.7 kg27-27.8 cm x 13-13.6 cm2cm16platesA1Incombustible3414502011278

Supplies and average usage

  MODULO Stone Grout MODULO Protection spray MODULO Glue Extra Flex
Flat product 3kg / product box 1 pcs / 12 product boxes 4kg / product box

Installation process

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