Broadway Brick

Interior With grout Heat resistant to 40C No fireplaces No wet surfaces

Coverage per box :1m2

Availability :14-19 days delivery

Broadway was inspired by the style of bricks found in New York lofts and has quickly become one of the prevailing trends in stone veneer.
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Surface (m2)

£36.53 /m²

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Broadway has been a long-standing favourite of the stone veneer collection. The colour and appearance of the Broadway bricks are an exact replica of old vintage bricks, providing a timeless appeal. It is the essential design element to create a chic vintage industrial décor in your home. Broadway bricks will provide a perfect backdrop to mix the old vintage with a new, more contemporary décor. The timeless Broadway bricks can be installed in a bedroom, a living room, study or an entryway. They can be used to cover large wall areas or simply an accent wall. The warmth of the red brick will make for a very cosy and inviting interior. Although Boadway is an exact replica of vintage bricks, it is very easy to install. The installation does not require the expertise of a mason, as a traditional brick wall would do. Broadway is installed as easily as the other stones veneers of our collection. The bricks are individually glued to the wall with the recommended glue and then grouted with the complimentary grout. The Broadway bricks cannot be installed on a wall that is located in a damp or wet area, nor can they be used on a fireplace surround. To complement and finish a corner wall, Broadway corner bricks are available. Cleaning is easy with the use of a vacuum cleaner. When the installation is completed, it is recommended to spray the bricks with the suggested protection spray.

Product details

 PackagingDimensionsThicknessPieces per boxFire resistance standard (NF EN 13501-1)M ClassificationEAN Code
Flat productcoverage per box: 1 m 2, weight: 9.8 kg17.5 - 19.5 cm x 5.4 - 6.7 cm1.0 - 1.9cm68platesA1Incombustible3414500107010

Supplies and average usage

  MODULO Stone Grout MODULO Protection spray MODULO Interior Adhesive
Flat product 3kg / product box 1 pcs / 9 product boxes 3kg / product box

Installation process

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