Borgo Stone

Exterior Interior Fireplace OK Frost resistant Without grout

Coverage per box :0.6m2

Availability :14-19 days delivery

Borgo Stone is a chiselled stacked ledgestone with a beautiful gold earth tone.
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Surface (m2)

£41.26 /m²

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Borgo Stone is very versatile and can be used for an interior or exterior decor. Borgo Stone could be a great addition to an interior décor and it will bring nature “in” with its soft earth tones.

Borgo stone has been used to clad an exterior wall and a connecting interior wall to create a sense of continuity from the exterior to the interior. Bringing nature into the house is a very established trend for the upcoming year and it has never been easier with a product such as Borgo Stone.

Borgo Stone can be installed around fireplaces and creates a very natural environment in a living room space. It can also be installed in a kitchen wall to create a touch of texture and interest in the most minimalistic and modern kitchens. Borgo Stone does not require any grout.

The Borgo stone ledgestones are easily installed onto an exterior or interior wall using the recommended adhesives. Each stone is simply positioned first onto the wall, its position marked, and then it is glued. It is very easy to achieve professional results without the help of a stone mason by simply following the guidelines and videos available on our website.

It is also very easy to maintain on an interior installation with the use of a hoover. We advise applying the recommended protection spray after the installation is complete, especially in high traffic areas.


Product details

 PackagingDimensionsThicknessPieces per boxFire resistance standard (NF EN 13501-1)M ClassificationEAN Code
Flat productcoverage per box: 0.6 m 2, weight: 18.1 kg59 cm x 15 cm3.5cm7platesA1Incombustible5945763003088

Supplies and average usage

  MODULO Protection spray MODULO Glue Extra Flex
Flat product 1 pcs / 15 product boxes 3kg / product box

Installation process

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