Bricostone White

Interior Heat resistant to 40C No fireplaces Without grout No wet surfaces

Coverage per box :1m2

Availability :14-19 days delivery

Bricostone White provides texture, ruggedness, and interest to any space that needs an extra spark.
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Surface (m2)

£36.53 /m²

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The beautiful ledge stone patterns combine with minimal décor to create a striking contrast. Its stark colour and texture make for a very good background for decorative lighting. It also makes a room seem much brighter and larger. Bricostone is a favourite choice amongst interior designers wishing to provide a modern design but with the extra touch of the texture of stone.

Bricostone White can be installed on any interior wall surface that is not in direct contact with water or in a very humid environment. It is also not suitable as a fireplace surround stone. Bricostone White can be used in a bedroom or living room to accent a wall. It is a lightweight stone veneer and installation is very swift.

Bricostone can easily be installed by a homeowner by following the steps available on our website, and does not require any particular masonry skills. The wall preparation for the installation is completed within minutes. As it is a ledgestone, there is no need for gout. The stones are simply glued to the wall in the specified pattern using the recommended glue and voilà, the stone wall is ready. It is also easy to maintain by simply using a hoover to dust the surface.

Matching corners can be purchased as an accessory to beautifully finish a corner wall. It is highly recommended to use the protection spray to ensure lasting beauty.

Product details

 PackagingDimensionsThicknessPieces per boxFire resistance standard (NF EN 13501-1)M ClassificationEAN Code
Flat productcoverage per box: 1 m 2, weight: 16,7 kg20; 30; 50 cm x 10 cm2.5cm10-20platesA1Incombustible3414500146019

Supplies and average usage

  MODULO Protection spray MODULO Exterior-Interior Adhesive
Flat product 1 pcs / 9 product boxes 3kg / product box

Installation process

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