Brasilia Arctic

Exterior Interior Fireplace OK Frost resistant Without grout

Coverage per box :0.5m2

Availability :2-4 days delivery

Brasilia Arctic is a light coloured ledgestone that has quickly become a favourite in this stone veneer range.
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Surface (m2)

£42.41 /m²

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It is characterized by its long, narrow and chiselled face, making it ideal for creating an attractive point of interest. It is versatile in nature and can be used for interior and exterior applications.

In the interior, Brasilia Arctic can be used on accent walls or on much larger areas. The light colour of the Brasilia Arctic ledgestone adds a sense of space and will provide a touch of nature in any room. Its rugged texture will be enhanced with natural or accent lighting.

Brasilia Arctic will quickly enhance any room and add a contrasting texture that cannot be achieved with any other wall product. As the Brasilia Arctic ledgestones are by design tight-fitting, no grout is required. They can be installed easily and quickly by a non-expert handyman. The installation does not require the skills of a mason and when following the guidelines provided, a professional result is easily attainable. Just a quick wall preparation is required which takes only a few minutes.

Furthermore, the wall needs to be completely dry prior to the installation. For both exterior and interior installation, please follow the step-by-step instructions provided with each box or the instruction video on our website. Brasilia Arctic can be installed in humid areas such as a kitchen or bathroom and also near a fireplace.

The Brasilia Arctic stones are easily dusted using a vacuum cleaner. For interior application, it is recommended to use a protective spray to maintain the beauty and colour of the stones.

Product details

 PackagingDimensionsThicknessPieces per boxFire resistance standard (NF EN 13501-1)M ClassificationEAN Code
Flat productcoverage per box: 0.5 m 2, weight: 13.5 kg20; 30; 50 cm x 10 cm2.5cm14-18platesA1Incombustible3414500286012

Supplies and average usage

  MODULO Protection spray MODULO Glue Extra Flex
Flat product 1 pcs / 18 product boxes 2.5kg / product box

Installation process

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